Nitrous is a state of the art CRM designed specifically for financial services businesses. You are able to view, manage, and grow your GXBrokerage from one easy to use software. You can see all your clients, their balances, currency volume, contact information, a complete history of trades, and the revenues from each trade. Nitrous' also allows you to run targeted marketing campaigns using GX's world class brand.

24/7 Dedicated Support

You will have access to a special support team exclusive for GXBroker's. Anytime you need assistance you can reach out via phone or chat 24/7 for multi-lingual support.

Unlimited Instantaneous Payouts

Brokers need liquidity. That is why all GXBrokers get paid instantly for each transaction that they override as well as instant access to monthly and weekly payouts. All payments are paid in GXT so there is no transactional deduction. GXBrokers are also able to request for a bank transfer once the GXT hits their brokerage account. There is no limit to how much a GXBroker can earn as they earn commission for every transactions that all users in their brokerage perform.

Diverse & Innovative Products

Don't be a one trick pony. Having a diversified set of offerings is key to attracting a widespread customer base for you're brokerage. As a GXBroker you get access to the most advanced set of exchange products on the market today ranging from a world class routing engine to a interest bearing decentralized money markets. Learn all about our extensive product offering here.

Aggressive Compensation

The GXBroker compensation plan is the single most robust and comprehensive offering on the market today. We have taken three of the best compensation structures used in the industry today and combined them to create the GXBroker Matrix.

This trichotomized matrix offers three distinct methods through which the GXBroker qualifies for commissions. This variance allows the GXBroker to get paid for every new signup, for each transaction, and obtain revenue sharing on non-trading products on every single user in their brokerage across unlimited vertical levels.


Trading Revenue Sharing

GXBroker's are entitled to a percentage of all trading fees paid by users who are directly or indirectly linked to their brokerage.

Qualified Trader Bonus

GXBrokers are entitled to a fixed one-time commission for every client introduced who meets our "Qualified Trader Criteria".

Reoccurring Revenue Sharing

GXBroker's are entitled to a fixed monthly payout depending on the volume of subscription products sold in their brokerage.

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